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There are also some home remedies, including soaking your arthritic hands in paraffin wax.

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Mix your own signature scent or a beautiful color when you melt it in a candle warmer.

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Paraffin wax is a nontoxic, odorless and colorless material derived from refined crude mineral oil.

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The heat is then transferred to the affected area as the paraffin wax goes through a phase change.

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Paraffin wax is extensively used in spa treatments as an accompaniment to manicure and pedicures and as an independent healing tool that alleviates joint and muscle pain.Sally Beauty offers a variety of paraffin wax products and accessories for spa treatments to help moisturize and soften your face, hands, feet, and body.It is soft and has a low boiling point, so it is safe to immerse body parts in it.It is a type of wax that is used for candles and can be used in your own home.

Though a paraffin wax treatment is very effective for healing joints aches, refrain from this treatment if you are already suffering from the following conditions: If your skin is sensitive to wax and if you are already suffering from some kind of skin condition like dermatitis, burns or rashes, etc.

Healthcare, wellness, and beauty professionals alI use this versatile natural product,.Arthritis is a painful chronic condition that can stiffen up your hands and make it difficult to do daily tasks.

A Hot Paraffin wax foot treatment is a great option to help with dry feet, arthritis and many other conditions.Check the packaging for a more exact time frame so the bath is ready when you are.

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Heat therapy is also effective in increasing range of motion with continuous use.HARRIS AND J. B. MILLARD Fromthe Department ofPhysical Medicine andRehabilitation, Devonshire RoyalHospital, Buxton.

Paraffin wax baths are also great for the skin - providing moisturization and skin-softening benefits.

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Paraffin baths can help ease the pain that accompanies arthritis, rheumatism and other joint conditions.Paraffin wax has a long history of treating a variety of physical conditions.

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The warm paraffin treatment also moisturizes for healthier looking, softer skin.Paraffin wax heat treatment increases the blood flow, relaxes stiff muscles and softens the skin.